Halloween Newsletter 👻 🎃

Dear Members and Residents,

Halloween has always been a great chance to mingle with neighbours & share in some spooky fun, but we’ll have to rethink how we do things this year due to COVID guidelines.

We’re here to share a few ideas that will help get you in the Halloween spirit safely!

Halloween Colouring Pages

Turn your fright-filled night into quite a colorful sight with these ghoulishly great, free Halloween coloring pages. Feel free to print out as many coloring pages as you want to ensure all your little ghosts and goblins have a fun Halloween memento they can proudly display.

Download Witch Castle PDF here

Download Silly PDF here

Download Skeleton Pumpkin PDF here

Download Trick Or Treat PDF here

Download Duck Pumpkin PDF here

Download Owl Witch PDF here

Cast a Spell with Devilish Desserts & Sweet Treats!

From creepy cupcakes to eye-popping popcorn recipes, these simply sweet Halloween desserts and treats will make a tempting addition to any Halloween event. Give your spooky soiree a hauntingly delicious touch with these easy-to-make desserts and treats that are sure to conjure compliments galore. Send us photos of your creepy cakes and treats, we’d love to hear from you.

Rice Krispies Treats Pumpkin.

Download Recipe here

Banana Ghosts

Download Recipe here

Veggie Tray

Download Recipes here

Gummy Tarantula Cupcakes

Download Recipes here

Halloween Advice For Pet Owners

Dogs’ hearing is approximately four times more sensitive than us humans and they can hear much higher frequency sounds than people, so you can imagine how loud the whizz, pop and bang of fireworks can be for dogs! The unfamiliar sight and smell of fireworks in the air can also cause them great upset, especially if it’s something that they haven’t experienced before.

Top 5 Tips

  • Walk your dog before it gets dark
  • Feed your dog before the fireworks begin.
  • Make sure your house and garden are secure during the fireworks as fear may make your dog try to escape.
  • Try to settle your dog before the fireworks start – if your dog is in familiar safe surroundings it will help him cope with the noise.
  • Try creating a doggy den by throwing a blanket over a table to make them feel more secure.

For more tips on how to keep your pet safe on Halloween visit Dogs Trust

Jenny, our resident librarian has added some spooky stories to the Brennanstown Little Library. There are plenty of titles for all ages. Feel free to borrow any book or leave a book for your neighbours.

We’ve put up some Halloween decorations around the little library with lots of help from Meg, Jenny and Rodhan

Don’t forget about our SPOOK-tacular window and door decorating contest. There are great prizes up for grabs. You can find all the information you need on our earlier post here

Our new Halloween banner and ghost 👻 is a great spot to take a photo in your costume. Send us photos of your costumes, we will share your photos on Sunday.

We hope you have a good weekend, stay safe & mind each other from a distance!

All the best,

Brennanstown Residents Association Committee