Residents Association Constitution

A Constitution is a formal document that sets out a list of written rules governing the

aims of your organisation, how it will be run and how its members will work together.

In broad terms the Constitution will include the following information:

1. Name of the group / association

2. Aims and objectives of your organisation (why the group exists and what it wants to achieve)

3. Powers (remit of the group)

4. Membership (who can be members of the group / organisation)

5. Management Committee (representation)

6. Officers (roles and responsibilities and voting rights)

7. Meetings (frequency, duration etc.)

8. The AGM / EGM

9. Quorum for meetings

10. Finance (process for financial management)

11. Dissolution of the group

12. Alterations or amendments to the Constitution

Before you develop your Constitution or amend or revise it you should set out clearly what your group aims to achieve. It is important to get the views of as many people you can before drafting the Constitution which must be agreed and formally adopted by the members of the Residents Association at the Annual General Meeting.