Unauthorised Parking In The Underground Car Park

It’s been brought to our attention that non residents are parking their cars in the underground car park in the mornings and heading off to work. We are working with the managing agents (Andersons) to address the problem. Offenders will be clamped and fined.
We’ve also been notified of several cars abandoned / parked long term in the underground car park. Long term parking is not permitted and cars will be removed.


One thought on “Unauthorised Parking In The Underground Car Park

  1. I wanted to address this long time ago. Maybe someone should ask managing company to install a gate at the parking entrance to a) increase security b) prevent non residents to access the parking.
    Also, I would like to raise the health concern – On several occasions I noticed drivers entering the park on full speed, I was almost hit once while I was waking away from my car. With kids riding their bicycles in the park it is just matter of time that someone will be injured or killed.
    I would like to discuss possibility of installing a bump at the entrance of the parking lot.


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