Dumping In Bin Sheds

Bin shed on Brennanstown Ave this evening.

There continues to be a issue of residents dumping household waste and other items on the floor of the bin sheds.

The problem has worsened in recent weeks with soiled nappies, ovens and old mattresses being dumped.

The management agents (Andersons) have confirmed that residents found dumping household waste / items will be fined €250.00

Several offenders have already been identified and fines are being issued.

The amount of waste on the floor of the bin sheds is a serious health hazard and has the potential to attract rodents.

Residents should dispose of large items in the proper manner. Electrical items can be recycled free of charge at most electrical retailers such as Power City, Carrickmines. Other items such as garden furniture and mattresses can be disposed of at the dlrcc recycling centre in Ballyogan.

One thought on “Dumping In Bin Sheds

  1. Maybe easier solution would be to get more bins or more frequent pickups? Just to give you an example, there is 112 families living in the 4 big buildings (statistically speaking there are 3 members per family, that gives 336 ppl and that’s maybe just a half of the residents). there are 4 sheds with 5 general waste bins plus maybe 3 bins for papers/cardboards. In total that 32 bins. Each bin can hold 660L 32*660 gives 21 120L total that divided by 336ppl (which is only about a half of the population here in the area) gives 62L per person. Average bin sack in medium size holds 80L. So statistically speaking each person here at brennanstown won’t be able to dump single sack.
    This is all stats only ofc, but maybe instead of issuing fines, and send warnings it would be easier to increase the volume here.


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