Dear Residents,

Marlet Property Group have submitted a planning application for 234 residential units of 1 – 8 storeys at the former Doyles Nursery site on Brennanstown Road. This site is to the rear of the 3 storey houses on Brennanstown Avenue.

Following a meeting of the Brennanstown Residents Association, Andersons and the Brennanstown board of management it was agreed to engage the services of a planning consultant (Manahan Planners) to submit an observation to An Bord Pleanála on behalf of the residents of Brennanstown, primarily objecting to the size and scale of the development. Tony Manahan is an owner in Brennanstown.

The observation is available to view on MyBlockman

myBlockman / block documents / other docs/ Advisory/ Submission of Objections Doyles Nursery 04/12/19

Above is a render of the 8 storey apartment block seen from Brennanstown Avenue. The 3 storey houses in the centre and Le Hunt House is on the far right.

The proposed development consists of:

234 residential units. A mix of duplexes and apartments, up to 8 storeys high.

A cycle path and footpath through the crèche site on to Brennanstown Avenue at the ‘Little Library’.

Alterations to Brennanstown Road including a Pedestrian crossing and a roundabout at Lambourne Wood / Doyles Nursery.

Website for the proposed development


In addition to the observation sent by the planning consultant on behalf of the residents we would urge individual residents to submit an observation detailing how it will impact on their homes and the local community.

We have a sample observation letter available if you would like to use it as a template. This should used as a reference only and you should include your personal observations.

Get in touch at brennanstownresidents@gmail.com and we will email you a copy.

This development will have a significantly negative impact on Brennanstown if it goes ahead as planned.

Observations must be received by An Bord Pleanála by 5.30pm Wednesday 11th December 2019 (Remember Post or by Hand only) please give ample time to post due to Christmas post delays. An Bord Pleanála will not accept observations past this date. A fee of €20 must be included with each observation.

Cash or card payment available in person at the offices

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the residents association committee or email us at brennanstownresidents@gmail.com

Kind regards,

Brennanstown Residents Association Committee