Covid-19 Updated Measures Saturday 14.3.20

Dear members and residents,

Overnight government updated their Covid-19 advice to the public.

Brennanstown Residents Association has been asked by the Covid 19 Health Communications Stakeholder Support Group to share this information with residents.

Protect yourself, your family and anyone who is vulnerable. Think about others. The best way of protecting us all and our most vulnerable people is for each of us to follow the advice below.

If you’d like print this poster you can download it here

One of the the best ways to protect yourself is to wash your hands regularly.

If you’d like to print this poster you can download it here

For the latest updates and advice from the government click here

It’s a time of worry for many. We all need to play our part in social distancing.

But there are ways we can help & show kindness to others. Pick up the phone & reach out to those who might need your help. A quick call to check in & let people know they’re not alone.

Please share this message with your neighbours, family and friends.

We will continue to share information with residents in the days and weeks ahead.

You can keep in touch with the Residents Association in a number of ways.

Kind regards,

Brennanstown Residents Association Committee.