Planning Permission Granted For Residential Development On Fmr Doyle’s Nursery Site

Dear Members and Residents,

An Bord Pleanála have today granted permission for a large residential development on the former Doyle’s Nursery Site, Brennanstown Road.

An image of the site with Brennanstown Estate at the bottom and Cabinteely Village at the top.

The development will comprise 234 residential units in a mix of apartments and duplexes in three blocks (blocks A, B and C) ranging in height from one to eight storeys with associated residential facilities including open space, a gym, a creche and lower foyer.

A cgi image of the apartments overlooking the three storey houses on Brennanstown Avenue.

  • Block A will consist of an approximately 248 square metre gym, approximately 67 square meters of circulation space and approximately 317 square metres of a creche facility all at ground floor level, with 6 two bed duplex residential units at first and second floor.
  • Block B will consist of an approximately 254 square metres lower foyer at ground floor level and 29 apartments comprising eight 1 bed apartments, 13 two bed apartments, two 3 bed apartments and 6 three bed duplex apartments from the lower ground to the second floor level.
  • Block C will consist of 199 number apartments comprising of 63 one bed apartments and 136 two bed units from lower ground to 6 floor level.

The development includes the demolition of ‘Benoni’ dwelling to facilitate the development and the main vehicular access, together with the extant single storey buildings associated with the former Doyle’s Nursery and garden centre.

Vehicular access to the development is proposed at the existing entrance to Doyles Nursery adjoining the site which is to be realigned and improved and which will serve both the garden centre and the development.

Car parking is to be provided for 184 spaces.

488 cycle spaces will be provided within the site.

Brennanstown Road

The development includes upgrades to Brennanstown Road from the location of the site entrance to the junction of the Old Bray Road, Cabinteely Village.

These works are to comprise of road widening and realignment works, widening and resurfacing of the existing footpath located on the western side of the Brennanstown Road, the introduction of controlled pedestrian measures in the form of a four arm mini roundabout at the entrance to the development and Lambourne Wood. Plans also include the construction of a 2.5 meter wide raised crossing at the south arm of the roundabout and the construction of a raised table at the junction of the Brennanstown Road and Carraig Glen Estate.

The development also includes a pedestrian footbridge to a circa 21 meter span over the Cabinteely Stream at a location to the north east of the site. The bridge is to be of steel construction with recycled plastic non slip boarding with 1.4 meter hight railings providing connectivity to Cabinteely Village, the Stillorgan bus corridor and to the dlrcc owned lands at the front of Brennanstown Estate.

The connectivity plans also include a circa 3 meter wide pedestrian and cycle shared path connecting the development into Brennanstown Estate. The new path will be circa 55 metres long and connects to the existing path at Brennanstown Avenue (beside the little library).

The location of the footpath and cycle path on to Brennanstown Ave

The board have set out a number of conditions which are detailed in their letter.

The letter detailing the An Bord Pleanála decision can be viewed here.

This is the final decision of An Bord Pleanála, the only remaining way to stop the development is a judicial review.

Download the photomontage and cgi of the development here

The website detailing all aspects of the development, including plans and reports can be found here

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact the Residents Association at

The Residents Association would like to thank Mahanan Planners for their work on behalf of the residents over the last few months on this planning application.

Kind regards,

Brennanstown Residents Association Committee


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