Disruption To The Gas Supply At Mercer House

Dear Members and Residents,

A resident of Mercer House has just been in touch with us.

According to a poster on the front door of the apartment building gas supply has been disconnected to a number of apartments.

It also says ring Bord Gáis to get it turned on. Gas engineer just arrived to turn on & there is no gas supply at meters. It won’t be back on till tomorrow….

If you’re having issues with your has supple getting turned back on or were not told about the gas supply being disconnected please let the managing agent know by email brennanstown@anpm.ie

If you wish you can copy the Residents Association and we can follow up on the matter


Kind regards,

Residents Association Committee


One thought on “Disruption To The Gas Supply At Mercer House

  1. I emailed Anderson and copied you in. My Gas boiler is on a Hive timer and was due to come on 615-715 this morning. It didn’t stop at 715 and it won’t turn off through the hive. Assume this is related but none of gas networks, Bord gais or hive can advise. Just wondering if any other resident has the same issue? Assuming it’s to do with the fact that the gas has been cut off at the metres as it would be an amazing coincidence otherwise.


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