Local Property Tax Self Assessment

Dear Members and Residents,

Revenue has launched a new online tool to help homeowners determine the value of their property, ahead of the next valuation date for Local Property Tax on 1 November.

Under changes announced by the Government back in June, all properties will need to be revalued every four years.

The amount of Local Property Tax you pay will depend on the value of your property and the band it falls under.

As the tax is self-assessed, homeowners are responsible for working out the value of their property.

To help with this, Revenue has launched an interactive valuation tool, which is available on the ‘online services‘ section of the Revenue website.

How does this new tool work?

Revenue has divided the country up into 18,000 small areas, which have between 50-200 properties in them.

Homeowners can enter their Eircode or address to find their small area and see what the average property value in the area is, and what valuation band most fall into.

Revenue, said the tool should only be used as a guide, and urged homeowners to also use other sources such as the Property Price Register and figures from the Central Statistics Office during the valuation process.

Kind regards,

Residents Association Committee