Fibre Broadband Is Now Available In Apartments

Dear Members and Residents,

In recent months fibre broadband was installed in all four apartment blocks. This means that broadband speeds of up to 1000mbs (1 Gigabit) are available in all apartments.

Fibre was made available to all duplexes and houses last year.

What is fibre broadband? Fibre optic broadband delivers superfast broadband to your home using a network of fibre-optic cables. It’s the fastest broadband connection available in Ireland,

Residents now have the option to switch their broadband and TV service to a variety of suppliers.

One resident who contacted us recently switched TV and broadband service and saved €54 a month. They switched from Virgin Media TV and broadband (€99) to Vodafone Fibre broadband and TV (€45)

Below are just some deals available.

Sky Fibre Broadband 500mbs €35 per month

Vodafone Fibre Broadband 500mbs and TV €55 per month

Vodafone 500mbs fibre broadband €35 per month

Eir TV and 150mbs fibre broadband €49.98 per month

There are lots of options available depending on the broadband speed and TV service you want.

Price comparison sites Bonkers and Switcher have tools to help you find the best deals.

Kind regards,

Residents Association Committee