Tonight Is Census Night

Census 2022 takes place tonight, with every individual present in Ireland legally required to have their information entered onto a census form. The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is asking everyone to ensure their information is recorded accurately. There is a range of resources available on to help.

Over the past month a team of over 5,000 enumerators have delivered in excess of 2 million census forms to practically every home in Ireland. There may be a small number of homes who have not yet received a census form. If you have not received your form, please make contact with the CSO as soon as possible to ensure you fulfill your legal obligations.

Everyone present in Ireland must be included on a census form. This is a legal requirement. Your information must be recorded where you sleep. This includes everyone in places such as hotels, hospitals, prisons, student accommodation and even ships. No matter where you are, you must participate in Census 2022.

There are 11 questions specific to each household and a maximum of 33 questions specific to each individual in the household. For the average family, it should take no more than 20-30 minutes to complete.

Information about how to complete the Census form including accessibility supports is available on The CSO will be operating a helpline today from 11am to 6pm on 0818 2022 04.

Kind regards,

Residents Association Committee