Cherrywood Green Routes Network Public Consultation Deadline For Observations

Dear Members and Residents,

The deadline to submit an observation is tomorrow Tuesday 26th April.

Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council have launched a public consultation process for the proposed Cherrywood Green Routes Network.

This is a walking and cycling route from Cherrywood to Brennanstown Luas stop via Lehaunstown and Druids Glen.

Development Location: Cherrywood Strategic Development Zone, County Dublin.

Proposed development: Cherrywood Natural Greenspace Green Route (common infrastructure project) extending approximately 5.0km from Brides Glen to Brennanstown comprising pedestrian and cycle connections to the N11, Wyattville Link Road, Cherrywood Avenue and Brides Glen/Cherrywood Road including:

– A north-south greenway of approximate 3.1km long and 4.0m wide, from Cherrywood Business Park to Brennanstown, including connection to Druids Valley and Cherrywood Avenue. Parts of the route are existing and/or were previously permitted (Reg Ref: DZ18A/0854).

– An east-west greenway of c.420m long and 3.0m wide, from north of the Carrickmines River to Lehaunstown Lane, via a new embankment.

– A 800m long, 1.2m wide, pedestrian route through the Druids Glen woodland, consisting of resurfacing of existing pathways.

– Pedestrian and cycle links to surrounding developments including a stepped link from Brides Glen Road; links within Cherrywood Business Park; upgrade of existing pedestrian links to Wyattville Link Road; widening and upgrade of existing pedestrian links from the N11; and pedestrian links to the north to recently permitted residential development Reg Ref: DZ18A/0208 / DZ19A/0863.

A very informative document detailing the plans for the route can be downloaded below.

Route Of The Cherrywood Green Routes Network

From our conversations with the council the residents association understand the greenway will eventually come through Brennanstown along the fire road in front of the apartment blocks and on to Cabinteely Park.

The Fire Road Between The Apartments And The River

If this green route was to travel through Brennanstown on the fire road it would meet the entrance to the underground car park.

The Point Where The Green Route Would Meet The Road In Brennanstown

We believe this would be a serious safety issue for motorists entering and exiting the underground car park, for pedestrians and cyclists using the green route and traffic entering and exiting Brennanstown on Brennanstown Avenue.

Although this section of the green route is not included in the current public consultation we want to use this opportunity to make our concerns known to Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.

Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council Plans for Green Routes Network as it enters Brennanstown

Download the graphic above as a pdf

The Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council public consultation website can be found here which has lots more information about the Green Route.

We encourage all residents to engage with the public consultation process, you can submit an observation online at no cost and it only takes a couple of minutes.

Key points to include in your observation.

The fire road in front of the apartment blocks is for emergency use and must be kept clear at all times. This road is designed so that emergency services have access to Carleton House, Mercer House and Rochfort House.

It appears from the information provided by the council that the green route will travel along the fire road and meet Brennanstown Avenue at the entrance to the underground car park. This is a serious safety issue. This stretch of the road is extremely busy.

Motorists do not have visibility of fire rood when exiting the underground car park.

During the winter and summer months (when the sun is low in the sky), the visibility for motorists entering the car park at the proposed junction is very very limited with the sun straight in the motorist’s eyes.

There are also privacy and security issues with the green route so close to the apartment blocks.

The preffered route is for the greenway to enter Brennanstown on the far side of the river and travel towards Cabinteely Park in a straight line.

Residents should include their own views in addition to any of the above (if they wish).

You can also email your observation to

Residents should also email councillors and let them know of your concerns.

Michael Clarke (FF)

Jim Gildea (FG)

Carrie Smyth (L)

Una Power (G)

Frank McNamara (FG)

Denis O’Callaghan (FG)

Hugh Lewis (PBP)

The Cherrywood Green Routes Network will be a valuable amenity for residents of Brennanstown and the wider community. It important that we engage with the council to ensure that the project has a positive impact on our community.

The public consultation closes tomorrow Tuesday April 26th.

If you have any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Residents Association

Kind regards,

Residents Association Committee