Community Clean Up & Tidy Districts Competition

Dear Members and Residents, Our next community clean up will take place this Saturday at 10am. This is the most important clean up of the year, we will be putting mulch on the flowerbeds at the entrance to the estate and the beds either side of the ramp at the little library. If you can spare just an hour on Saturday morning we’d really appreciate … Continue reading Community Clean Up & Tidy Districts Competition

Mini Clean Up Tomorrow Morning

RA committee members will be out bright and early tomorrow morning for a mini clean up. We’ll be out at 9am for an hour painting some fencing long the parth into the estate. Any early birds that are able to help out will be very welcome! 😃 Kind regards, Residents Association Committee If you would like to support the Residents Association, you can find details … Continue reading Mini Clean Up Tomorrow Morning

Thanks For The Help At Our Clean Up This Morning + Keys Found

Dear Members and Residents, Thank you to all who came out for our clean up this morning, we greatly appreciate your help. This morning we got quite a bit done. Please don’t litter in the underground car park. A set of keys were found this morning. To claim them please contact the Residents Association. We’re looking forward to seeing you all again – and hopefully … Continue reading Thanks For The Help At Our Clean Up This Morning + Keys Found

Dog Fouling

Dear Members and Residents, Dog fouling is unpleasant and can carry disease. It is particularly unpleasant for people with buggies/prams and for wheelchair users, as it is easily transferred from wheel to hand. Children are particularly at risk from toxocariasis spread through infected dog faeces. Dog Fouling There’s no excuse Dog Fouling – Your Responsibilities Dog Fouling is one of the most common and annoying … Continue reading Dog Fouling