Brennanstown Residents Association Annual Subscription

Dear Resident,

The recently established Brennanstown Residents Association is an all-volunteer membership organisation that advocates for and aims to enhance the quality of life in Brennanstown for all residents.

The purpose of the Brennanstown Residents Association:

● Undertake community projects such as clean ups; family and children events; summerfests; community activities, etc.

● Encourage recreational and social activities in the estate.

● Address issues in Brennanstown.

● Represent members interests of Brennanstown to the management company and the wider community.

This is only a small brief of the role, work and intentions of Brennanstown Residents Association

For more information on the work of the Residents Association and to sign up for email updates on our website.

The Brennanstown Residents Association work is all done on a voluntary basis, however we rely on the support and willingness of the resident (both Owners and Tenants) to become members of the association. The aim of the association is to benefit all residents within Brennanstown. To do this effectively we need all residents to become members of the association and help make Brennanstown the community we all want it to be.

While we work on a voluntary basis, events; projects; social activities; administration; etc. it costs money in order to be effective. We rely therefore on the generous support of the residents to become members of their Residents Association.

The annual subscription is €20 per household and it is this subscription which is the lifeblood of the association.

Membership of the Association gives each member voting rights at the AGM.

You may pay by cheque, bank transfer or cash.

Please make your cheque payable to ‘Brennanstown Residents Association’
Bank Transfer
AIB, Cornelscourt, Dublin 18
ACCOUNT NAME: Brennanstown Residents Association
IBAN: IE87AIBK93339233109180
Cheque / Cash
Subscriptions can be collected by a committee member, please text us on 089 469 1444 or
email and we will arrange collection.

Households that pay their subscription by Monday April 15th will be automatically entered into a
draw to win Dinner For Two at Bhansa Ghar, Cabinteely Village.

Kind regards
Brennanstown Residents Association Committee


4 thoughts on “Brennanstown Residents Association Annual Subscription

  1. Thanks Stephen, I should have checked :). My contribution will be ready to collect this afternoon if one of the committee members wanted to call round at some stage.
    Áine 10 Brennanstown Sq

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  2. Apologies if this has already been covered, but I think it would be worthwhile to share with the community who the members of the committee are. Particularly when monies are being collected, I expect others (like myself) would like to know who will be in control of it.

    Again, apologies if this was covered in a communication that I overlooked.

    Regards, Áine (10 BSq)


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