Annual Subscription Update

Dear Members and Residents, Thank you to those residents that have paid the Residents Association annual subscription to date. 66 households (of 230) have joined the residents association so far this year. Your annual subscription is vital to the success of the residents association and in turn, you, the residents living in the development. In 2021 your subscription helped fund the following…● Two picnic tables … Continue reading Annual Subscription Update

Annual Membership 2021

Dear Members and Residents, We appreciate your support as we work together to keep Brennanstown a beautiful place to live. Brennanstown Residents Association relies on annual subscriptions to finance our newsletter, website, clean-up days and social events and the new picnic tables. Annual Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st each year. To date 41% of households have paid the 2021 subscription. Subscriptions of … Continue reading Annual Membership 2021

Newsletter & Annual Subscription

Dear Members and Residents, The feedback to our first ever newsletter has been overwhelmingly positive, we appreciate residents getting in touch with their suggestions for future editions. We’ve made a PDF version available to download via this link. We hope to publish another edition later in the year. We’d also like to thank all of the residents that have paid their annual subscription to date. … Continue reading Newsletter & Annual Subscription

Newsletter & Annual Subscription

Dear Residents, Members of the committee will be putting the very first edition of the Brennanstown Residents Association Newsletter through your letterbox this weekend. We hope this will be a regular newsletter. 2021 Subscription Membership of the residents association is open to all residents of Brennanstown Your annual subscription funds the residents association and its activities. Social events including, Christmas lights, Halloween event. Printing of … Continue reading Newsletter & Annual Subscription

Letter To All Residents – Annual Subscription

Dear Resident, The Brennanstown Residents Association is one year old, we’ve been very busy and achieved a lot in the last twelve months. We’ve organised several successful events including a summer BBQ and Bake Off, installed the “Little Library”, joined the Neighbourhood Watch scheme and worked with DLRCC to upgrade the street lights and rebuild the ramps. We’ve much more planned for the residents association … Continue reading Letter To All Residents – Annual Subscription

Residents Association AGM Minutes And Chairmans Report

Brennanstown Residents Association Minutes Of AGM 27th January 2020, Cabinteely Parish Hall Committee Members in attendance. Gina Cassidy, William Fitzpatrick, Geraldine Hurley, Paul Hurley (Treasurer), Leo Kearns (Secretary), Jenny Mangan (Social Secretary), Stephen Murphy (Chairman), Mark Wainer 35 residents attended. Cllr Jim Gildea attended. The chairman opened the meeting and thanked the residents for attending. Neighbourhood Watch Community Garda Gavin Fleet updated the AGM on … Continue reading Residents Association AGM Minutes And Chairmans Report