Cleaning Of Duplexes On The Square And Avenue

The contractors treating the facades will be cleaning the fronts of the even numbered houses on Brennanstown Square from Monday.

From mid-week they will be cleaning the rear of the Duplexes on Brennanstown Avenue.

The contractors have requested that if possible, residents should remove plants from their balconies / decking.

If you are unable to remove plants, please move them away from the walls. The treatment can splash plants and can leave marks but it should not do any lasting damage.

Once the facades are treated, the windows of the properties will be washed the same day.

The foam once applied takes several weeks to take effect. The facades will start to noticeably brighten in the weeks following the treatment.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning Of Duplexes On The Square And Avenue

  1. Hi
    Could you tell me when access to the rear of the 3 story houses will be required?
    Regards Paul


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