Dumping Of Large Items In Bin Sheds

Dear Members and Residents,

In recent weeks a number of items have beeen removed from the bin sheds and disposed of at significant cost to residents.

Last night a mattress was dumped in the bin shed at Brennanstown Court / Avenue. This is the second mattress dumped in this bin shed this week.

Last week a number of items were removed from the bin shed at Carleton House including a christmas tree, a number of suitcases and a pram.

Our waste contractor (Thorntons) only removes general household waste, they will not take large items.

The management company must therefore hire a contractor to remove and dispose of items dumped in the bin sheds.

Please respect you neighbours and dispose of your rubbish in the proper way.

If the green bins are full please use the red bins. We’re working on getting more green bins.

Don’t leave rubbish on the floor or on top of the bins.

The residents association are working with the management company to try and stop this dumping.

Kind regards,

Brennanstown Residents Association Committee