The Clean Up This Morning Was A Great Success!

Dear Members and Residents,

The clean up this morning was a great success.

We painted the signage on Brennanstown Avenue on the way into the estate.

Before & After

We also painted the wooden surrounds on the flower bed in front of Le Hunt House

Wood Painted and flowerbed mulched

All of the flowerbeds were weeded and mulched.

We planted new flowers at the little bed at the entrance to Brennanstown and mulched the two large flowerbeds.

New flowers planted and the large beds mulched

We purchased four Hydrengas and they were planted at the entrance to Rochfort House.

Before & After
New Hydrengas at Rochfort House

We tidied the grass verge and mulched the trees on the avenue from the Old Bray Rd to Cabinteely Stream

Before & After

Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers that came out and helped this morning. Marian, Catherine, Margaret, Helena, Gina, Andrea, Ciarán, Ed, David
John, Guy, Will, Leo, Stephen and to Mary for the lemon drizzle cake! 😃

Thanks to W39 for their help organising mulch and for helping us plant the Hydrengas.

A big thank you to the residents that have paid their subscription this year, your €20 helped pay for the four tonnes of mulch, 50 litres of paint, dozens of flowers, fertiliser and garden tools we used this morning. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Brennanstown Residents Association Committee

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