Brennanstown Residents Association Update

Dear Members,

We were delighted that so many residents joined the recent clean up. Thank you to those who took time out of their Saturday morning to help keep Brennanstown beautiful.

We planted over 500 daffodil bulbs throughout the estate including at the entrance to Le Hunt House and Carleton House. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of colour in the spring.

During the clean up volunteers collected 3 large sacks of litter including more than 20 vodka bottles.

One of the many bottles found in recent weeks.

Yesterday more vodka bottles were found in Brennanstown Square including the broken bottle in the photo above.

New flowers in planters

Volunteers planted flowers in the planters in Brennanstown Square.

New Bug Hotel

We recently purchased a bug hotel with the assistance of an Environment Grant from dlrcc and have installed it in Brennanstown Square.

Please help keep Brennanstown beautiful
Cherrywood Green Routes Network

Cherrywood Green Routes Network

During the summer the residents association held a meeting with Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council to discuss the planned Cherrywood Green Route. We’ve also been in constant touch with local councillors in recent months.

Key points from our meeting

Dlrcoco were very receptive to our observations and concerns.

There are no plans at this time to extend the green route through Brennanstown.

The council will engage with the residents association and the wider community of Brennanstown when plans are being developed.

Cherrywood Green Routes Network under construction

Work has commenced on the route up to the Brennanstown boundary.

Key points from the councils report following the public consultation.

Query / Concern / Observation

Brennanstown Residents were 27% of the Observations received in the Public
Consultation were in relation to concerns raised by the
Brennanstown apartment residents. A collation of these are presented below.
Appears green route will enter Brennanstown at the front of apartment block and travel along the existing fire road and meet the entrance to very busy underground car; observations outlined below:
– Considered a safety hazard.
– Considered to be unsafe for pedestrians.
– Highlighted this is play area for children & dog walkers
and a recreation area for the residents.
– Putting a cycleway along fire road is an ‘accident waiting
to happen’.
– A cycleway and pedestrian way coming down the “fire
road” will impact on the privacy and security of the
residents living in the lower level apartment blocks due
to the proximity.
– Fire road in front of the apartment blocks is for
emergency use and must be kept clear at all times,
serves as an emergency access to the apartment blocks.
– Motorists do not have visibility of fire road when exiting the underground car park.
– Privacy and security issues with the green route so close
to the apartment blocks.
Preferred route is for the greenway to enter Brennanstown on the far side of the river and travel towards Cabinteely Park in a straight line; it is considered to be a better solution as per observations listed below:
– Safer proposal / allows for crossing of the busy road at a
point / much better visibility.
– It also aligns better with the proposed route on the other
side of the road.
– Pedestrians will be able to see cars both entering and
exiting the estate.
– Perhaps an additional ramp closer to the top of the
entrance road would further slow traffic.
– This stretch of road is also better lit than that in front of
the fire road.
– It also decreases security concerns for ground floor
Request Dlr review any route through the fire road and consider the alternate route suggested for the benefit of everyone concerned.

Chief Executive Response

It is not intended to extend the Greenway from Cherrywood through Brennanstown Apartments Residential Estate as part of this project.
This Part 8 project is within the SDZ only and is subject to compliance with the
Cherrywood Planning Scheme.
This is outside of the scope of the current project however, any future scheme/project to extend from the Cherrywood SDZ boundary to Cabinteely
would consider observations
/submissions made as part of a statutory public consultation process.

Download the full report below

A reminder to pick up after your dog.
An extra hour in bed on Sunday

Don’t forget clocks go back at 2am this Sunday morning.

Everything you need to know about the clocks changing this weekend can be found here

As always please feel free contact the Residents Association with any questions or comments about any of the above.

Kind regards,

Residents Association Committee