Minutes of The AGM & Chairmans Report

Brennanstown Residents Association

Minutes Of AGM

2nd February 2021, meeting was held on Zoom.

Committee Members in attendance.

William Fitzpatrick, Geraldine Hurley, Paul Hurley (Treasurer), Leo Kearns (Secretary), Stephen Murphy (Chairman), Roopesh Panicker, Mark Wainer

39 residents attended.

Chairmans Report

Good evening everyone and welcome to our annual general meeting.

We have a number of items that we will attempt to get through this evening that I hope gives you a flavour of the work we do and the plans we have for the year ahead.

The overall purpose of our organisation is support and enhance the community in Brennanstown

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the committee members for their work over the last 12 months.

The committee members represent different parts of Brennanstown and they live in Le Hunt House, Rochfort House, Carleton House, the Avenue and the Court. The committee meets the first Tuesday of the month.

There are 230 residential units in Brennanstown 40% are owner occupied, the other 60% are rented.

The residents association currently has a membership of 102 households which represents 45%. This is an increase of 7 households from 2019.

The association is funded by our members’ subscriptions. In 2020 the membership fee was €20 per household. Each and every subscription is vital to the success of the residents association and we are very grateful to those residents that have become members.

In 2020 the Residents Association applied for grants and received some funding from dlrcc. Paul will detail this separately in the treasurer’s report.

We are grateful for the support of our councillors and TD’s, in particular I would like to mention Jim Gildea and Carrie Smyth, Cormac Devlin and Jennifer Carroll MacNeill, all of whom have been very helpful in the last year.

We engage with Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council and other groups on a regular basis. In 2020 we attended a number of online meetings with the council, Bus Connects and DLR PPN.

Covid Response
The residents association have done our utmost to ensure that residents are kept informed of the latest Covid news.
From the start of the pandemic back in March we printed posters and placed them throughout the estate including in the bin sheds, lobby of each apartment block, in the Square and at the little library.
We have shared over 40 Covid related updates on our website in the last year.

Committee member Mark Wainer built tables to use as a sanitizer station for each apartment block. I’m glad to see that these are still in use.
We are happy to help and residents with shopping or collecting prescriptions due to self isolation.

Social Activities
Due to the pandemic we were unable to go ahead with the events we had planned including the BBQ, Bake Off and Christmas mulled wine and Mince Pies get together

We did arrange some Covid friendly activities including:

Reverse St Patrick’s Day Parade, which was featured on Newstalk. Thanks to committee member Gina Cassidy for doing the on air interview.

Halloween Window And Door Decorating Contest

Christmas Decorating Contest

We added Christmas lights in Brennanstown Square for the first time this year. We’ll add more lights next Christmas.

Little Library
Residents regularly add books, DVDs and computer games to the Little Library. Thanks to our resident librarian Jenny Mangan for looking after the library. Please check it out the next time you’re out for a walk.

We have a number of tools to help us communicate with residents including the website (brennanstownra.com), Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and notice boards in the bin sheds and lobby of the apartment blocks. All of which are updated regularly.

We have 363 people on our email list.
60 on our WhatsApp group.
308 followers on twitter and 287 likes on Facebook.

Financial Update
Paul Hurley Treasurer.

A copy of the Treasurers report is available to members, send a request to brennanstownresidents@gmail.com

Monthly Clean Up
Our monthly clean up takes place when restrictions allow. We missed a couple in 2020 and last month. We hope to be back out again soon. Thank you to the residents that join us, it’s a great opportunity to meet up and have a chat, especially in these difficult times.

In September the residents association planted over 1200 daffodils and crocus bulbs on Brennanstown Ave, from the Old Bray Rd to the river and further up the avenue.

At the request of the Residents Association DLRCC planted trees on the far side of the river just as we went into the first lockdown. More trees are to be planted on the near side of the river. The council also plan to remove the fence along the river and the fence around the pond. The river and pond will be tidied and brambles and weeds removed.

We’ve been in contact with the council in recent weeks about these projects and will share information with residents when we have more details on timing.

Skip Saturday took place in April. Thanks to the managing agents for their help in organising.

The committee monitors planning applications in the Cabinteely area. We share planning news on the website.

In June planning was approved for a residential development of 342 units at the former Doyles Nursery site behind Brennanstown Avenue. There is no news on when construction will start.

The Tudor Homes development of 357 units to the south of Brennanstown is on hold due to a High Court action taken by a local resident.

Neighbourhood Watch
The RA is a member neighbourhood watch scheme, we’re in regular contact with community garda Gavin Fleet.

There was one Break-In in 2020, a bicycle stolen and catalytic converter stolen from a car in the underground car park. Eagle eyed residents have prevented several break ins and robberies. If you see anyone or anything suspicious don’t hesitate to contact the Gardaí at Cabinteely and the residents association.

Election of Committee
Gerri Hurley has resigned from the committee. SM thanked Gerri for her work over the last two years, she’s been a fantastic committee member and we will miss her.

Catherine Bourke (Rochfort House) was elected to the committee.

Subscription 2021
The committee proposed that the annual subscription for 2021 remain €20.

This was agreed by all residents in attendance.

It was agreed door to door collection will not take place this year due to COVID restrictions.

It was agreed a letter and envelope will be dropped into each household.

The residents association is open to all residents (owners and tenants)

Reminders to be sent to residents.

Details of how to pay can be found here

Social Activities & Events
Due to the ongoing restrictions and uncertainty it’s very difficult to plan social activities.

However we have provisionally booked the summer BBQ for Saturday June 19th, if that date doesn’t work out we have a backup date of Saturday 4th September. We’re very much looking forward to it.


KN – Requested the board of directors explore installing a communal BBQ in the estate. The RA will bring the idea to the board.

AM – Suggested a newsletter be sent to residents with details of how to join the RA.

DK – Expressed concern about dlrcc plans to remove the fence from the pond and stream.

LK – Said dlrcc have a policy of removing fencing from water in parks and estates in the county.

SM – Said there have been a number of requests from residents to improve signage in the estate.

JL – Asked that signage listing odd and even numbers in the Square

MD – Raised the dangers of harmful weeds along the river. SM

AB – Expressed concern about the fence being removed from the stream and the dangers to children playing.

SM – As part of the Cherrywood plan there will be greenway from Cherrywood through Brennanstown along the fire road and this will be part of a larger plan.

RP – Suggested that residents write to dlrcc to stop the removal of the fence.

MB – Said some water ways in residential areas not very well kept.

JF – Fencing in poor condition laing the river could be just as dangerous as no fencing at all.

SM – To contact parks dept for an update on their plans for Brennanstown.

JL – Asked why there was going to be a link from Brennanstown through Doyles Nursery development.

Details of the plans can be found here

SM & LK – Detailed the three new access points into Brennanstown.

342 units from Doyles Nursery. Cycle path into Brennanstown on the crèche site beside the little library.

367 units at the Tudor Homes development to the south of Brennanstown. A footpath and cycle path on the fire road in front of the apartment buildings. Details here

72 units behind the houses on the Old Bray Rd and facing the apartments. There will be a footpath onto Brennanstown Avenue. Details here

SH – Asked what the can be done to mitigate the impact to the new paths on which all may converge on the entrance to the underground car park.

SM & LK – Detailed meeting the RA have had with dlrcc. Planning is not yet submitted, dlrcc have said they will consult the residents when the pre planning stage begins.

SM – RA will share planning updates with residents.

JL – Expressed concern about security and safety with so much development on our doorstep

LK – The residents association is valuable as dlrcc, councillors and TDs all engage with us, it would be far more difficult to tackle issues as individuals.

MD – The bin sheds are still a problem and nerds to be addressed.

SM – The RA continues to work with the board and the managing agents to resolve the problem.

WF & AB – Better education on how to dispose of rubbish is needed ie what can or cannot be out in the green and red bins.

AM – Secure bicycle parking is desperately needed in the ESTATE. RA to raise with board of directors. Parking in the underground car park is preferred.

AM – Thanked the committee for their work.

SM – Thanked everyone for attending.