Dog Fouling

Dear Members and Residents,

Dog fouling is unpleasant and can carry disease. It is particularly unpleasant for people with buggies/prams and for wheelchair users, as it is easily transferred from wheel to hand.

Children are particularly at risk from toxocariasis spread through infected dog faeces.

Dog Fouling

There’s no excuse

Dog Fouling – Your Responsibilities

Dog Fouling is one of the most common and annoying types of litter.

If not cleaned up and disposed of properly, dog fouling can cause serious infection in humans.

Please be a responsible dog owner.

Take a dog bag or plastic bag with you and clean up immediately after your dog has fouled.

Put your dog bag in any bin shed or take it home and bin it.

Remember, always bag it and bin it.

Please help us keep Brennanstown Beautiful

Kind regards,

Residents Association Committee